Tuesday, January 23, 2007

it's coming along

The semester is coming along nicely. It is a lot of work and I spend every night doing something for school, but that's OK. Working while doing this isn't as horrible as they told me it would be. I am not working much every week and I get a chance to at least get some grading done while I am there, so it's OK. My binder is filling up with lesson plans quickly, as everything I teach has a lesson plan type and printed. Now I'm a horrible person and type them up, but don't actually use them during the lesson. I usually have it typed up and sitting on my computer as I am too lazy and cheap to print them all at home. I usually go to campus and print everything off, so it happens one a week or less often than that (usually the night before my supervisor is coming to see me). Oh well, at least I am actually typing them up in the first place. We had our first 2-hour delay yesterday. That was nice. I forgot about those. It's a nice break without having to make up the whole day at a later point. My typing has definitely improved throughout this. Typing pages upon pages every day will do that to you. On that note, I should get back to lessons, but there are a few more things to tell you.

I am so excited that the Colts are going to the Superbowl! That will be such an exciting day. I got an AFC Championship shirt yesterday and a visor. We had a Colts day on Friday and I didn't have anything to wear, so now that they are playing in the big game, I would assume that we will have another Colts apparel day before the Superbowl. Now I have something to wear!

I didn't get into Teach for America. I was very bummed and kinda pissed off when I found out. Now that means I have to look for a job somewhere. Anyone have an suggestions where I should go. Anywhere. Nationwide. Out of Indiana and the Midwest. I want something different for the next few years. I will probably come back in 2-5 years, but for now, I need a change. I need to get on with at least looking for what's open now and what may be open in the fall. I'll start doing that next month when I have a weekend at home.

Ok, back to being a teacher. I really am enjoying it. Let me know what you are up to!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So tomorrow begins the next phase of life.... student teaching. I have a general plan of what I am going to teach, but no specific lesson plans yet. I want to go through what I have with my teacher first. I realized as I was planning this stuff out, that I have no idea ecactly what and how to teach first grade language arts. And concidering that's really all that focus on, I should learn how I'm supposed to teach it. I'm sure that it will all work out and I just need to relax, but this will be an amazing learning experience.

As for today, it's my last day off and neither Aaron nor I have to work at all today. We are going to get a whole bunch of stuff done and feel accomplished.

Christmas was pretty cool. It all worked out in the end and we didn't have to wait forever to get our presents. I got a bunch of games, which I love. I want to have a game party now, just to play them. The sad part is that we don't have a whole lot of friends who like to play games. We'll figure it out eventually. Anyone want to come over and play???? We each also got an iPod. That made me so excited cuz he always used to steal mine, and then it broke, so now we each have our own. It is so nice to be able to listen to music while working out. I got a new planner. I know, I'm a dork. I don't really care though. It makes me happy and organized and I'm OK with looking like a dork.

I'm hoping that I will sound more normal by tomorrow too. I doubt it will happen, but I can hope. I've been sick for a week now and I am feeling better, but still sound horrible. My head is all full and now it has moved to my chest so I am coughing, but I don't feel as bad. We'll see how it all works out.

Have a great new year everyone!