Sunday, April 27, 2008

green thumbs

So yesterday was a very productive and domestic. We went grocery shopping and also got some planters for our balcony. In the two hanging planters we have flowers and a fern. We got one basket for the railing and planted some her seeds. We're just hoping that we don't kill them before the seeds sprout! I'll be really excited to have fresh herbs that we can dry and use in the winter as well. Yay for being domestic! We also went to the pool. It was my first time for the season. I didn't get in as it was later in the day and the water was reeeeally cold! Maybe next weekend if we go during the day.

Last night I bought tickets to go home in June. We'll be there the 10th through the 16th. We fly in late on the 9th and will leave to drive home on the 17th. I'm excited to see my family and Aaron's new niece!

In not so happy news, Liam is hacking and sneezing again. He did it a few weeks ago and we went to the vet (almost $400!) and it went away for a couple of weeks. Now it's back and we don't know what to do. Do we take him back and spend more money, which we really don't have, or just hope he gets better? We don't know. They didn't really find anything the last time, so who knows what would happen if we take him this time. do we try a new vet that is supposedly less expensive? We're really confused and scared about him.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

eight weeks later.....

I've meant to update this so many times, but haven't found the time. So much has happened, I'll start with some bullets....
- We bought a treadmill. I love it! I am now working out while watching season one of Gilmore Girls! It is so nice to not have to mess with the one working treadmill in the apartment gym and be able to watch what I want. I also have worked out before work a few times. That is such a great way to start the day.

- I'm down a total of 23.6 lbs. I've gone down one pants size in both dress pants and jeans. My shirts are fitting so much better and I love it! I'm kinda sad to not be able to wear my dress capris now that it is warm outside, but I guess I'll just hold off on that with only a few weeks of school left. I can wear pants and skirts until then.

- State testing is going on again. First and Second grade are taking their tests over the next few weeks. Third grade has the math test next Tuesday and the reading retest for those that didn't pass the next day. Brilliant planning Texas! I will be individually testing the same student for four days and I think I will go insane! She gets extended time and those will be some fun days for me. I will be administering some test to some one every day for the next three weeks. I'm not going to teach for such a long time, and then we're in the last couple weeks of school with field trips and parties and all of those fun things.

- We're going home in June! The 7th through the 17th. I'm so excited to be back and see my family and hopefully Aaron's new niece! It will be a crazy 10 days going all over the state, but will be so worth it to see all the people.

- It's already summer down here, and it's mid April! It was 90 degrees today! I think we may turn on the AC tonight. It's so muggy I'm not sure the fans are going to do it tonight.

- I can't wait for the summer and getting ready for next year. There will be so many changes that I want to make to make things go more smoothly that I can see myself planning for a lot of the summer.

So much going on! I am writing it in my calendar so I will update more regularly!