Sunday, April 27, 2008

green thumbs

So yesterday was a very productive and domestic. We went grocery shopping and also got some planters for our balcony. In the two hanging planters we have flowers and a fern. We got one basket for the railing and planted some her seeds. We're just hoping that we don't kill them before the seeds sprout! I'll be really excited to have fresh herbs that we can dry and use in the winter as well. Yay for being domestic! We also went to the pool. It was my first time for the season. I didn't get in as it was later in the day and the water was reeeeally cold! Maybe next weekend if we go during the day.

Last night I bought tickets to go home in June. We'll be there the 10th through the 16th. We fly in late on the 9th and will leave to drive home on the 17th. I'm excited to see my family and Aaron's new niece!

In not so happy news, Liam is hacking and sneezing again. He did it a few weeks ago and we went to the vet (almost $400!) and it went away for a couple of weeks. Now it's back and we don't know what to do. Do we take him back and spend more money, which we really don't have, or just hope he gets better? We don't know. They didn't really find anything the last time, so who knows what would happen if we take him this time. do we try a new vet that is supposedly less expensive? We're really confused and scared about him.

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Nicole said...

My sister's cat has sneezed her entire life. She has drippy eyes and sneezes snot a lot. While it's kind of gross, she's been a happy cat and is now around 15 years old or so. So Liam's problem might not be anything serious, just an inconvenience. I hope he gets better!

Also, I'm excited to here you'll be up here in June. I know you'll be busy, but I hope I can see you sometime.