Saturday, June 07, 2008

it's been rough

I was ready for a nice week, packing, cleaning, getting ready for summer and next year. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, all went as planned. My room was completely packed, I was getting things ready for next year. Then it all came crashing down. I got an "oh, by the way, you're moving rooms" when the last thing was checked off my to-do list. I had to unpack my lockers and cabinets into boxes I had to buy so it could be moved to my new room. This was further complicated by the person who is there now not having anything packed or even moved to a side so I could stack things in there. I couldn't do anything yesterday as I spent all day on the road picking up a student from the school for the blind, not in my classroom. I ended up getting it all in boxes today and piling it labeled by the door. The custodians will move it this summer and I will deal with it in August. You can't give me one day to get it all done, it's just not going to happen when I was already done once.

On a happier note... I'm DONE!!! I made it through my first year! Summer has started and I know it won't all be relaxation, but I am going to enjoy going back to Indiana next week and see friends and family. It's been so crazy this week that I am ready for a break.

I haven't paid attention much to my food intake this week. To much stress and things getting in the way of the plans that I had made. That made for a bunch of not so good choices and an I don't care attitude. I'm just hoping for a minimal gain on Sunday. Take it and move on, that's my plan. Portion control is the name of the game while away since I won't have much control over the actual food that I am eating. We are taking our running stuff, so hopefully we'll actually run more days than not and fight the intake that way. I'm very excited though.

Have a great weekend!

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