Monday, May 14, 2007

the next phase is beginning

I am no longer a college student. That just feels really weird to say. I graduated on the 5th and finished my student teaching last week (darn snow days!). I am not a student, I am now a teacher. How weird is that? All of my stuff is sent in to get my license in Indiana. I also have a job! That is the most exciting part. It was a whirlwind interview process, but I accepted the job and am ecstatic. Now comes the equally whirlwind process of finding a place to live and moving to Texas. That's right, I'm going to Texas. The Fort Worth area. I am so excited and ready to get into a new situation and ready to explore. I found a bunch of apartments online, so now we just have to find a time both of us can get down there to look at them and the neighborhoods in person. I am so excited!!!!! I have a special ed/resource room serving preK-3. It will be a great learning experience, and since almost all of my field experiences, including student teaching, have been with the little ones, so I think this is a great position for me. Everything will all work out, I know. It is slowly coming around when we will move and how we will get there, so that is reducing my stress level. Let me know what life is holding for you!

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