Friday, August 17, 2007

getting closer

So my classroom is coming along. Aaron helped me this afternoon and we're going in tomorrow to get some more done. I've got baskets for all my books and am getting it organized by level. That is such a process. I am glad that it really is only something that needs to be done once and after that only new books need to be added. This is defiantly not a task I want to repeat. I still don't know exactly who my kids are, but I was told I will know early next week. That will help me schedule my time. I found out I don't have an aide, which is not cool. I thought I did, so that defiantly changes some of the things I am going to be able to do with my kids. We'll figure it out next week when I finally get to meet with my teachers and figure out my kids. We did a lot of staff orientation this week. A lot of it could have been condensed, but oh well. Next week is all staff stuff, so we will finally get to meet all of the people we will be working with. That will be very beneficial.

On another note, I really like where we live. They are really good to the residents. We had a pool party with hot dogs and a raffle (where we won a gift card to a restaurant). Once a month they give us breakfast on a Saturday morning. Tomorrow it's pancakes and french toast. I'm pretty excited for it. I found out that a teacher lives in the building next door, so we are going to carpool as much as possible to save on gas. That's pretty exciting to me.

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