Sunday, September 02, 2007


So the first week is over. I didn't have any kids this week, as it took literally until Friday at 3 to get the schedule figured out. I will start pulling kids on Wednesday, to give the teachers a chance to know that I will be pulling their kids. I am just excited to get started. I am a little concerned about ho some of the people I work with and for are taking the needs of some students. With this whole Response to Intervention mandate by the government, students must show that they are not responding to whatever interventions, modifications and accommodations are being made in the regular classroom. This means that if a student is succeeding in the room while having all of his tests read to him, he won't be referred for special ed. But this student can't read. i don't understand how we can just read everything to him and have him succeed in passing his tests and stuff, but not teach him to read while using this accommodation to test his knowledge in other areas. I know that I am a new teacher, but I don't feel like I am being idealistic in trying to get all students to at least read on a functional level. This is not the reading on grade level that NCLB is mandating, but these children won't always have someone there to read everything in the world to them. I know that it will all get worked out and that the students that need my help will get it, I'm just a little frustrated now.

I was very glad for a 3-day weekend, and a short week next week!

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