Monday, May 19, 2008

monday and tuesday

Only 12 more student days! I'm starting to get stuff cleaned out and organized. I'm so excited to have it all organized and knowing where it all is and what I have! Now I"m just scared they're going to take it away from me next year. I sure hope not. I know a whole lot will change between now and then, but I have to keep a room! I can't teach the kids if I don't have a room! Some other craziness is happening at work, but too much to say right now.

I ended up having some mac and cheese with dinner, then a Betty Crocker mini for dessert, so I used all my points and all my APs. I also traded the WW cake for a 2 point "hostess cupcake" with lunch and the bun for an onion bagel with the burger. I was really hungry this morning, so I added a Fiber One bar at work. All the points worked out, so no WPAs were used.

Tomorrow's menu

Breakfast: 6.5
oatmeal - 2
banana - 1.5
strawberries - 0
2 oils - 2
creamer - 1

Lunch: 7.5
chicken, bean, corn stoup - 4
clementines - 0.5
WW cake - 1
pretzels - 2

Dinner: no more than 11
a new chili recipe, I haven't figured the points yet.
2 c milk - 3.5

I'm sure I'll come up with something if the chili doesn't eat up the points. who knows.

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