Thursday, May 15, 2008

today and tomorrow

So today went alright.... ate too much at the staff meeting, but then didn't eat much for dinner. Still used some weeklies, but oh well. I WILL get up in the morning. I need to do something to try to avoid a gain on Monday. I've eaten a lot of junk with my weeklies and not worked out since 30 minutes on Monday morning. ugh! It's been such a long and stressful week at work with 2 long days hour wise and tomorrow is career day and I have been assigned to be the go-to girl for whatever happens and to go get lunch for all the speakers. It should go pretty quickly, but it will be exhausting. I need to make sure that I make myself do what I need to do for myself and not just for work.

Tomorrow's menu

Breakfast -6
1 c yogurt - 2
banana - 1.5
evoo - 2
strawberries - 0
juice - 1

Lunch - 10
Chick-Fil-A - 10
carrots - 0
Dt. Dr. Pepper - 0

Dinner - 7
2 Hot dogs - 2
2 Buns - 4
Cheese - 1
salad - 0
Dressing - 0

3 points left over!
Water - usually no problem!
Dairy - check
F/V - check!
oils - check
vitamin - in the morning at work
activity - 45 min on the treadmill at 5!
whole grains - bane of my life! I think the muffin counts!
lean proteins - I don't think the fried chicken counts, but the turkey dogs do!

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