Tuesday, May 13, 2008

super long day tomorrow

OK, well I'm about to strangle a few of my kids. They know that we only have 17 more days of school and have decided that that means they don't have to listen or do work. It's just one group of kids, but it totally ruins my mood for the last two groups of the day. I know it's not those kids I'm annoyed with, but I know I come across as short with them. AHHH!! Good thing that I really only have about 8 more days that I'm actually having to teach them due to field trips and end of year stuff and all that jazz. We're going to a Ranger's game with third grade tomorrow, if the weather holds up. I'm hoping that it does. Even if it doesn't, we've been given permission
to have a fun day anyway, so I'm not teaching. Yay for a break!

Today went pretty well. We didn't do hot dogs because I had chicken in the fridge that I didn't cook on Sunday, so I made some chicken, corn, black bean stoup (Rachel Ray). It's only 4 points for a cup of it and it's so spicy and filling! So no salad, but there was a decent amount of oil in cooking the soup. Too much cheesecake at a meeting, so no dump cake.

The dump cake we make is 2 cans of fruit (crushed pineapple and cherry pie filling is our standard) poured into a 9x13 pan, then pour lemon cake mix on top. Then pour sprite zero or something over it, bake as directed. So yummy, a little pointy, but so yummy!

Here goes food for tomorrow:

Breakfast - 5
english muffin - 1
eggbeaters - 1
turkey sausage, 1oz - 1
olive oil - 1
cheese slice - 1
creamer - 1

Lunch: 7
2 slices bread - 1
cheese slice - 1
turkey lunch meat - 1
chips - 2
banana - 1.5

Dinner: usually about 11-12
Souper Salad! Salad bar, pasta, dessert buffet

I'll get all my oil, fruit/veggies, dairy. I'll have to remember the vitamin before we leave for the field trip and water may be a struggle as i won't be at work all day where I usually drink it. I'm going to get up and get on the treadmill, so there'll be some APs. I'm sure I'll be exhausted tomorrow and have to make cupcakes for a wedding shower at work on Thurs., so not sure if you'll get a post from me!

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