Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend update

So Friday at work went pretty well. After that is a different story. We had some people over and I had a few too many drinks. That made for a not so good Saturday. I slept almost all day and what I did eat was a triple dipper platter from Chili's (all fried stuff) and a Sonic Blast with Butterfingers... not such a good day. I didn't count it, but I don't really want to know how many points it was. Today was a much better day. I got all my HGs including some leisurely walking, except water. I always struggle with that on the weekends.

I decided to change my WI day to Sundays for the next month or so due to work schedules and travel. We'll see after that what I plan on doing for the summer. I do like my Monday WI, so I'll probably find a meeting during the day on Mondays for the summer. I went today and was up .6, but with all the junk and alcohol, I can't really complain. I also didn't work out much last week, so I am not upset. I don't understand when people know they don't follow the program and then don't want to WI because they don't want to know the damage. If you're not doing what you're supposed to, the scale won't like you. Sometimes it doesn't like you and you don't know why, that's a different story. I just suck it up and move on.

Goals for this week:
* workout 3 mornings before work
* get all HGs 5 days (only 6 more, better get cracking!)

We'll get our Wii Fit on Wednesday.... I can't wait!!!!!

Food tomorrow
Breakfast: 7
yogurt - 2
banana - 1.5
evoo - 2
strawberries - 0
juice - 1
creamer - 1

Lunch: 6
chicken, bean, corn stoup - 4
clementines - 1
WW cake - 1
Chips - 2

Dinner: 6
Turkey burger - 4
bun - 1
1 c milk - 1

That's 21... I'm sure I'll come up with something to use the other 4 points on. I've been planning so well lately that I'm starting to understand those that say they have trouble eating all of their points. That also doesn't include the APs I will earn on the treadmill in the morning. We'll see how this works out.

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